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Custom Painting Jeep Grills for all Jeep models!

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Experienced and Reliable with an Art talent

Jeep fanatic with a touch of art skills. What we do is purchase grills and paint them with a mixture of techniques and paint to give each one a unique look. Then cover them with layers and layers of clear coat so they can be used on the Jeeps and will be able to take a beating.


Maintenance and care

The clear coats that are used on the Gas Capz are gas and oil resistant. If you should happen to spill gas onto a gas lid, please wipe off immediately with a water based cleaner such as a glass cleaner. If not, the clear coat will start to bubble up because gas acts as a paint thinner when it comes into contact with the paint. Spiel'z Grillz does not warranty accidents caused by the customer. Only physical damage to the caps due to manufacturer error.

All items covered for 90 days after receiving the item with problems with the paint. All trail and off road damage is not covered.


Payment Options **

** Payments can be made with custom orders or premade items listed on the site. Contact us first before making any purchases with your idea on your custom order or with interests of a premade item available from us. We will then create an invoice on PayPal which will allow you to make partial payments for 60 days, interest free. After that 60 days if item is not paid in full then a 35% restocking fee will be charged of the total cost of the item purchased. If paid amount exceeds the restocking fee, the remainder will be credited back to the customer. Item will not be processed/shipped until balance is paid in full within the 60 days. A 35% down payment must be made on initial initial invoice.